Triple Forage Turnip

Boneyard Seed

$ 13.99

Food plot seed blend, three of the top turnips, 2 large leaf and large bulb turnip, each with different maturing rates. First is a fast maturing sweet forage, sweet tasting for- age turnip that is great for early season bow hunting. Second is a heavy growth, semi- fast growing forage turnip, which is very sweet tasting for mid-season. Last is the late maturing, large bulb late season turnip for exception late season forage. This blend is perfect for a single food plot that will attract and hold Whitetails through-out your fall deer season.

PLANTING: Beginning of August, broadcast or plant 1⁄4 inch deep, culti-pac preferred. PH 5.5-7 Fertilize with 300lbs of 19-19-19.

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