Frost Seed Clover

Boneyard Seed

$ 22.99

The perfect Blend of White and Red clovers makes a great “Frost seeding” planting option. The Quick establishment of the seed creates an early food plot which attracts and holds Deer all year long. Red Clove is one of the fastest establishing legumes, when accented with the Premium white clover that is known for its attractiveness for Deer, Creates a Great all season plot. This Blend is considered a biennial, offer 2 years of excellent Food plots. This Blend is one of the more “planting friendly”, does will in a higher range of soil PH levels and is more Shade tolerant.

Planting: January / February or when snow melts down to expose soil. Broadcast and let freezing and Thawing work seed into ground. Southern states plant November through March or wettest time of year to insure establishment. Optimum PH 6-7